About Naturalee made.

We are the proud parents of two wonderful girls.  We are based in beautiful Vancouver BC and have been strong proponents of using our all-natural home remedies in our family for years.  We decided to share that passion with extended family and friends through gifts and because of their popularity and effectiveness, have decided to share them with you and your families as well.

In an age of increasing complexity, we endeavour to use only the finest natural ingredients in our products to provide you with the most simple and gentle solutions to some common problems. We provide solutions NaturaLee!


We Stand behind our brand.

At NaturaLee Made, few things are as important to us than trying to bring you the simplest solutions while minimizing our impact everywhere else.  Have a look at a few of the things under the hood of our brand.


Our Packaging.

We specifically source packaging that is either 100% biodegradable (in the case of our lotion sticks) or at very least 100% recyclable and made of recycled materials when possible.  We invest in our commitment to leave the world no worse off for our children.


Our Suppliers.

We ensure that our suppliers are ethical; we choose to do business with ones that do not practice or commission animal testing of any cosmetic or household products that we use in our lines.  We wouldn't harm our fur babies so we want to make sure all animals are free from cruel practices.