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From our home to yours.

Our skin care products are made of the finest natural ingredients and have proven useful for friends and family. We endeavour to bring these solutions NaturaLee from our home to yours.


Our Products.

Have a look around.  Stay a while.  We won't bite.  But if the bugs are, maybe we could interest you in our bug spray or bug repellent lotion sticks.


Lotion Sticks.

The most luxurious lotion in a portable form?  Treat your family's skin to a nourishing blend of natural ingredients in a convenient, go-anywhere package.  Compared to lotion bars, our push-up packaging is easy to throw in a bag or glove compartment for people constantly on the go.  The best part?  When you're done, cap it until next time - no fuss, no mess.



The daily hustle can get make even the calmest cucumber sweat.  Our line of all-natural deodorants will keep you smelling fresh for hours while allowing your pores to breathe.  Whether at the office, around town with your family or working out, we've got you covered NaturaLee!


Bug Repellent.

Our bug repellent leverages the benefits of natural essential oils to ensure those pesky critters leave you and yours alone so that you can enjoy doing what you do.

Spray on your clothing for a simple solution to being less appealing as a snack for bugs.

For external use only.  Check with a health professional prior to use on children under 2.



Dirt happens... NaturaLee.  When it does, know that our all-natural soaps are there to get you and yours squeaky clean while ensuring skin stays soft and supple. 


Bath Bombs.

Prepare your senses for a delightful assault as our bombs fizzle and fill your bath with NaturaLee nourishing goodness.  Let the warm tones of vanilla and vibrant aromatics take you to your happy place!